This testimony can be yours, Pregnant Woman!

She came only five weeks before birthing the baby. It was her second pregnancy and despite of pretty comfortable life situation, she was emotional and overwhelmed. I listened to the story of almost every expectant mother – a story full of joy, hope, fear, despair, anxiety, pitfalls, and triumphs. No much time left for me as a counsellor to help this beautiful woman to move beyond the self-doubt and the blame she has had while questioning the roller-coaster of emotions felt during the last stage of pregnancy. We both needed to hurry… as she struggled to re-center, to believe in herself, and to trust her body, mind, heart and soul.

What can be helpful in such a situation? Reassurance, compassion, and gentle constructive recommendations to find her sense of Self. She needed some fun and creative approach to work with past traumas. She worked passingly on rebuilding trust on her potential and her intuition.

I was glad she came. It was a good sign of self-care and self-respect. I wish all pregnant women had the possibility to stop, to talk, to listen, to re-focus, and prepare for such an important milestone.

And they actually have such an opportunity by attending our group for parturients. The enrollment is open and we welcome women at any age of gestation.

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PND Marlborough Charitable Trust

PND Marlborough Charitable Trust, established in 2005, is a life line in the community for many women and families who are struggling with postnatal depression, motherhood and parenting issues. Having a baby is both an exciting and challenging time. Adding anxiety or depression can make it difficult to function and feel like you are a good enough parent. Both women and men can experience perinatal (during pregnancy and the year after birth) mental health issuesand these can vary in intensity and symptoms. As a mum

or dad it is easy to feel guilt and shame that can get in the way of seeking the help you need. If this is how you feel, know that you are not alone. Having perinatal anxiety or depression does not make you a ‘bad parent’. In fact, seeking help early leads to a faster recovery with less impact on you, your relationship with your baby, partner and family.


“ It was a great progress in my perception what motherhood is. After attending therapeutic support group for mothers and completing the program, I understood that actually I left there some very significant things: negative thoughts and self-assumptions; unproductive thoughts and how to deal with hard situations; my “flight mode” way of dealing with things; catastrophic visualisation; guilt about not being enough for my kids& husband; fears about being “less” than I want to be;  the need to be “achieving” something. And I took some important things with me: bond with my son; skills and knowledge to deal with low moods; ability to catch “bad” thoughts and feelings before they grow; calmness; peace of mind; a little bit of myself again and the ability to prioritize myself and my needs.” Victoria


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