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Yes, on January 17th 2016 we got a new logo! And it was a beautifull story from the beginning to the end... This logo was created and donated to the PND Marlborough Trust by Kylie Fleur, great artist, beautiful woman and mother of two (4 y.o. and 2 y.o.) children. Digital version of our logo was produced by Karen Bull from The Full Noise.

We are very happy to get something significant created by local people, the ones we serve.

About the Artist

Kylie Fleur is a contemporary and conceptual artist and designer. She is a Muralist, Art Coach, and Logo Artist. In 2009, she followed her heart and returned home to Marlborough to start a family, and she is currently based in Renwick with her husband and their two young children.

Since becoming a mother, the artist found it increasingly difficult to find quality time in her studio and had a need to come up with some alternative outlets for creating and inspiring others.

With her unique coaching methods, Kylie Fleur now takes Art Workshops to a new level. Exposing how an artist sees the world, and fostering this creative vision in adults, youth, as well as the blind, with an intention to reach primary educators through her Professional Development seminar/workshops.

To learn more about the artist, and the services she offers visit

Kylie Fleur and her family

About the PND Marlborough Logo – Words by Artist Kylie Fleur

"This design is all "feminine". It depicts a mother supporting and embracing her child. It has been created using a single line which reflects their journey and connection. The Koru and spiral is a well recognised Maori symbol used to represent new life/beginnings, growth, strength and peace, this keeps the logo close to home for the people of NZ. The heart shape reminds us of love and at a certain angle you may see an "apple", this is a subtle reference to an old symbol used in art to represent love and sexuality, and is often associated to Venus. The colour green in colour psychology means fertility, harmony and health. All of these references made through the design are in reflection of the organisation’s philosophy. This logo has further reference to PND Marlborough's holistic framework of "Te Whare Tapa Wha" the four corner stones of healthy well-being, hence the reason I have placed it within the four corners."

When I was approached by Tatiana Ceban at PND Marlborough to produce a design for a logo, my initial thoughts were “I’d love to help but aargh… It’s the school holidays, how will I make this short deadline with two young ones (ages 2 and 4) under my feet, without abandoning my motherly duties?!” I have to laugh, admittedly it was rather cliché initially when I demanded space from my children… so I could create a beautiful, maternal and harmonious design around mother and child.

Being a stay at home mum is not easy and it is almost impossible to achieve anything business at the same time and actually come out of it feeling successful about either job! I’m an honest mother, and the role of “mum” isn’t often the glamourous image people make it out to be, that is for certain. I’ve learned that to feel successful about anything I do (that includes parenting) I need to give it my full attention. So I made the wise decision that this logo will be created in my evenings once the kids are in bed!

At the end of the day I am all about doing everything with heart and passion, and whatever I do I hope to add value to my community. I saw this as an opportunity to give a little back, and at the same time it gave me the push I needed to officially launch myself as a Logo Artist. So thank you PND Marlborough for giving me this opportunity.

Kylie Fleur – “Be Inspired”

PND Marlborough Charitable Trust

PND Marlborough Charitable Trust, established in 2005, is a life line in the community for many women and families who are struggling with postnatal depression, motherhood and parenting issues. Having a baby is both an exciting and challenging time. Adding anxiety or depression can make it difficult to function and feel like you are a good enough parent. Both women and men can experience perinatal (during pregnancy and the year after birth) mental health issuesand these can vary in intensity and symptoms. As a mum

or dad it is easy to feel guilt and shame that can get in the way of seeking the help you need. If this is how you feel, know that you are not alone. Having perinatal anxiety or depression does not make you a ‘bad parent’. In fact, seeking help early leads to a faster recovery with less impact on you, your relationship with your baby, partner and family.


“ It was a great progress in my perception what motherhood is. After attending therapeutic support group for mothers and completing the program, I understood that actually I left there some very significant things: negative thoughts and self-assumptions; unproductive thoughts and how to deal with hard situations; my “flight mode” way of dealing with things; catastrophic visualisation; guilt about not being enough for my kids& husband; fears about being “less” than I want to be;  the need to be “achieving” something. And I took some important things with me: bond with my son; skills and knowledge to deal with low moods; ability to catch “bad” thoughts and feelings before they grow; calmness; peace of mind; a little bit of myself again and the ability to prioritize myself and my needs.” Victoria


Our Supporters

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