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It takes someone really brave to be a mother, someone strong to raise a child and someone special to love someone more than herself.

Postpartum Rallying

Support Group for Mothers

Some reasons to join our Therapeutic Support Group

Site Title

That is a small group (up to 12 people) that offers psychological support , resources and connection to women who struggle with adjustment, anxiety or depression related to child birth.
That is a close group where we create and value openness, confidence, and trust. You can enter only at the beginning of our term, then the group is close for new people.
That is a place where we share, learn from each other, find new creative solutions for daily challenges and... have fun. Here we relax,  laugh, and make the motherhood journey more easy and enjoyable.


After your registration online or by sending us a paper form registration, we invite you for assessment and interview . It usually takes not more than one hour. That is a possibility for us to see how we can be of help and for you to get to know more about the group, the facilitator, and the environment. Also, that is the time for you to ask any question you might have.
All we have to do is to set up an appointment.



Support groups take place at Marlborough Community Centre, Room #20, 25 Alfred Street, Blenheim

9.30 am - 11.30 pm

Our program

Ongoing group

2nd August

9th August

16th August

23rd August

30th August

6th September

13th September

20th September

27th September

4th October

11th October

18th October


The What, The Why, The How

welcome | introductions

The Power of The Story

mother’s journey | the benefits of journaling

The Whare Tapa Wha Model

concept | self-care system

Taha Hinengaro (T)

managing anger, anxiety, stress | CBT tools for daily life

Taha Whanau(F)   

family system | family culture | family support

Taha Whanau (F)

how to be in a relationship | attachment and bonding essentials

We work within a holistic framework of Te Whare Tapa Wha -
the four corner- stones of healthy wellbeing: Wairua (spiritual) Hinengaro (mental&  emotional)
Whanau (family)
Tinana (physical).

Taha Tihana (P)

body health | relaxation techniques

Taha Wairua(S)

mindfulness | connectedness

Taha Tihana (P)

healthy nutrition | exercise

Taha Wairua (S)

spiritual wellbeing | how to find inner peace and joy in our lives

Taha Hinengaro(T)

realistic goal setting | priorities | values

Celebrating The Change

evaluation | celebrating friendship and group support

Group Facilitator

Tatiana Ceban
Family Counsellor

Mother is our first encounter, from her we all come, if she is present to love, to nourish and hold, then this new amazing world outside the womb is less scary. If this foundation is there, then my chance to grow and to live a vibrant creative life is higher. Mother is the beginning of my destiny. Supporting mothers in every possible way is my biggest passion and interest. Helping mothers to become fully Mothers is my role, to realise the great importance of her maternal role and to build and strengthen community and Whanau support around her.


"I have been involved in the PND group as child carer for the past 2 years, as a mother and a grandmother. I love children and the childcare we provide allows Mum to join in the group and focus on her own needs for a while.  Children are well cared for in a safe and caring environment."
Please provide the usual necessities such as food and drink for snack time, nappies and extra clothing, favourite toy, a plastic bag, etc.If possible a pushchair, in case there is an opportunity to take the baby for a walk.
Gay Evans
"Childminder definition is simple - someone whose job is to look after children while their parents are at work, usually in his or her own home. I think being a mother means working for 24| 7, so as I childminder I help with babies while young mothers have a break and a possibility to learn how to cope with their the most important and demanding job. I love doing that!"
If your child needs you during the session the minders will bring them to you – that’s OK with us.
John Evans


Referrals can be made through GP’s, Plunket nurses, Midwives, PHO, Supporting Families and other agencies.  Also, we accept self-referrals.


What is Motherhood?
-Learning experience – building from every opportunity, improving my decision making, learning what’s best for me, learning to enjoy every moment;
- Journey – learning curve, hard, fun, exciting, challenging;
- Motherhood is an odyssey because it is a journey with many ups& downs. It’s a long journey through unchartered territory and is different to everyone. You need to call on your inner resources and the support of others to complete the journey. The highs are high and in the lows are low, but the outcome is worth everything.
What do I take from this place?

- Bond with my son
- Skills and knowledge to deal with low moods
- Ability to catch “bad” thoughts and feelings before they grow
- Calmness
- Peace of mind
- A little bit of myself again
- The ability to prioritize myself and my needs
- The knowledge that as long as I try my best and then try my best again then that’s enough
- The resolve to enjoy my children and my life as it is now rather than wasting it away and focusing on the future
- A new interest in painting, journaling and in my family three
- Myself!
What do I leave in this place?

- Negative thoughts and self-assumptions
- Unproductive thoughts and how to deal with hard situations
- My “flight mode” way of dealing with things
- Catastrophizing things
- Guilt about not being enough for my kids& husband
- Fears about being “less” than I want to be
- A need to be “achieving” something


Room #20,Marlborough Community Centre,

25 Alfred Street, Blenheim, Marlborough, New Zealand  |  Tel: 64 279019807

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