Postnatal depression support

"Postpartum Rallying"- Support group for mothers

Postnatal Depression and Anxiety

Postnatal depression and anxiety are real conditions, real issues and there is real help and support available to everyone experiencing difficulty during the postnatal period. Research shows that depression and anxiety begin in the ante-natal period too - so don't discount those experiences, feelings, thoughts or concerns either. Fathers as well as Mothers suffer from postnatal mental health issues.

Do you experience lick of sleep, incessant worrying, debilitating anxiety?

Registering with our group might be the first step towards reclaiming control in your life.

It takes someone really brave to be a mother, someone strong to raise a child and someone special to love someone more than herself.”


- referrals | self-referrals

- postnatal depression and anxiety assessment

- weekly meetings

- 12 weeks program

- a journey of self-awareness, self-compassion and gratitude

- child care provided

- free service

- home visits

"Postpartum Rallying"- Support group for mothers

Referrals can be made through GP’s, Plunket nurses, Midwives, PHO, Supporting Families and other agencies.  Also, we accept self-referrals.

Reasons to join our Support Group:


  • this is a small group (up to 12 people) that offers psychological support , resources and connection to women who struggle with adjustment;

  • each week, resources and discussion will be centered around a theme including: expectations vs. reality of parenting; relationships with partners, family, friends; bonding and attachment with the baby; boundaries and asking for help; practical copings skills to manage worry, rage, distressing thoughts and other common symptoms;

  • this a close group where we create and value openness, confidence, and trust. You can enter only at the beginning of our term, then the group is close for new people;

  • this is a place where we share, learn from each other, find new creative solutions for daily challenges and... have fun. Here we relax,  laugh, and make the motherhood journey more easy and enjoyable.

Project supported by
Marlborough Primary Health


Welcome to our group! Surprisingly, but you might find it as the soundest option to deal with your emotions and tiredness. The act of sharing with others within a group initiates the healthy process of allowing you to off load and realize that actually you are in the same boat as many others. You gain a perspective that it's natural to be anxious at times and you discover you can  build resilience through acknowledging it. Taking steps to understand that it’s an advisory emotion only, can liberate you to then be able to step away from it. It’s a mutual process: you learn from others and you enrich other’s life by sharing your experience. Many women give great feedback about the power of feeling much better simply because they journey with others who are learning to manage their way through similar experiences.


Tatiana Ceban

Perinatal and Family Counsellor

Group Facilitator

5 reasons to join the support group for mothers >>> read the article



12 week program, weekly two  hour meeting – Wednesday’s from 9.30 am to 11.30 am.


Room #20, Marlborough Community Centre - 25 Alfred Street, Blenheim, Marlborough


We accept women with children up to 24 months old


Sessions are free of charge and it’s important that you commit to coming for the Term (10 sessions).


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Room #20, Marlborough Community Centre

25 Alfred Street, Blenheim, Marlborough

To make an inquiry about
"Postpartum Rallying" Group, please register online



phone +64 279019807 or contact us by email

PND Marlborough Charitable Trust

PND Marlborough Charitable Trust, established in 2005, is a life line in the community for many women and families who are struggling with postnatal depression, motherhood and parenting issues. Having a baby is both an exciting and challenging time. Adding anxiety or depression can make it difficult to function and feel like you are a good enough parent. Both women and men can experience perinatal (during pregnancy and the year after birth) mental health issuesand these can vary in intensity and symptoms. As a mum

or dad it is easy to feel guilt and shame that can get in the way of seeking the help you need. If this is how you feel, know that you are not alone. Having perinatal anxiety or depression does not make you a ‘bad parent’. In fact, seeking help early leads to a faster recovery with less impact on you, your relationship with your baby, partner and family.


“ It was a great progress in my perception what motherhood is. After attending therapeutic support group for mothers and completing the program, I understood that actually I left there some very significant things: negative thoughts and self-assumptions; unproductive thoughts and how to deal with hard situations; my “flight mode” way of dealing with things; catastrophic visualisation; guilt about not being enough for my kids& husband; fears about being “less” than I want to be;  the need to be “achieving” something. And I took some important things with me: bond with my son; skills and knowledge to deal with low moods; ability to catch “bad” thoughts and feelings before they grow; calmness; peace of mind; a little bit of myself again and the ability to prioritize myself and my needs.” Victoria


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