Mother's Day 2018

Brunch and Pamper
free event for mothers

Set aside your plans and make some time for yourself to be with other mothers to honor the amazing work that you do



May, 12th 10am - 1pm




Blenheim Baptist Community Hall


Registration is required. Please use the registration form on this page, write us an email or register on our Facebook page >>> here



Yes, you would like to know how you can spend three hours with no children, spouse,

pets, other family members and... your  daily responsibilities.

Our program will offer your exclusive "me time" with motivational speakers,

beautiful live music, entertainment, fun, nice food, gifts, chance for a manicure

and lots of laughter.

You will meet local mothers - young women just like you, who spend lots of time and energy raising children and doing the best for their families.

Don't hesitate to offer yourself such a gift. Just come, take a break, rest and enjoy.

You deserve it, Beautiful Mother!



We look forward to meeting you

Drop us a line. Register now!