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Tatiana Ceban, Counsellor
Tatiana Ceban

PND Marlborough Charitable Trust Coordinator  / Therapy Group Facilitator



Perinatal Counselor

Mother, Traveler, Tailor, Gardener, Web designer


Mother is our first encounter, from her we all come, if she is present to love, to nourish and hold, then this new amazing world outside the womb is less scary. If this foundation is there, then our chance to grow and to live a vibrant creative life is higher. Mother is the beginning of our destiny. Supporting mothers in every possible way are my biggest passion and interest. Helping mothers to become fully Mothers,to realize the great importance of their maternal role and to build and strengthen community and Whanau support around them - are truly my call!

Rebekah Blease

Chair Person


Public Health Nurse at Nelson Marlborough District Health Board, Mother


"I support PND because I think parenting is the most challenging and rewarding job when it all goes  well, so I think women and families should have the best of support if its not."


Murray Broom
Scientist, Entrepreneur, Sailor, Boat builder, Father


For most of us the drive to protect our child is innate. Yet life circumstance can render us less effective. We need someone to stand alongside us, to guide us, teach us and help us on this journey. I come to PND as a father who has experienced the loss of a two year old child. I know what it is to be overwhelmed by grief and depression. All families have their story, I support PND because it stands in the community helping more stories have happy endings


Sabine Lieflander

Trustee / Treasurer


Senior Advisor at WK

Lover of orienteering, cycling, traveling, gardening and  a bit of a foodie.


I support the PND Marlborough trust firstly  because in general I believe that mental health has been underfunded,  lacks support,and still carries a stigma in our society.

For the PND Marlborough trust in particular, I feel that mothers are especially vulnerable and for every mother struggling with depression at the very least one child’s live and early formative period is affected but often whole families can suffer.

The trust can provide support, relief and healing to those families which for me makes it a very worthwhile cause to give my support to."

Rachel Patrick

Trustee/ Secretary

Service Manager, Ministry of Education

Traveler, Mother


"I volunteer to help others, to help parents be the best they can be, to empower each other, and to ensure all babies in our Marlborough community have the best start to life.  As a Mother of two gorgeous children, I appreciate and value the support of my own family and friends, and understand that being a parent is a journey.  I value the work of PND Marlborough, and I'm keen to help... many hands make light work!"

Angeline Forlong


Independent Consultant at Arbonne

Singer, Blogger, Mother


"I have been a most fortunate beneficiary of the PND Marlborough Trust through the care and council of Tatiana Ceban and her wonderful support group. Today I have a passion to be a voice of change in my community, in our country and through the power of technology and the interweb, I believe we can change the world.

Please visit my mamaangblog on www.facebook.com

PND Marlborough Charitable Trust

PND Marlborough Charitable Trust, established in 2005, is a life line in the community for many women and families who are struggling with postnatal depression, motherhood and parenting issues. Having a baby is both an exciting and challenging time. Adding anxiety or depression can make it difficult to function and feel like you are a good enough parent. Both women and men can experience perinatal (during pregnancy and the year after birth) mental health issuesand these can vary in intensity and symptoms. As a mum

or dad it is easy to feel guilt and shame that can get in the way of seeking the help you need. If this is how you feel, know that you are not alone. Having perinatal anxiety or depression does not make you a ‘bad parent’. In fact, seeking help early leads to a faster recovery with less impact on you, your relationship with your baby, partner and family.


“ It was a great progress in my perception what motherhood is. After attending therapeutic support group for mothers and completing the program, I understood that actually I left there some very significant things: negative thoughts and self-assumptions; unproductive thoughts and how to deal with hard situations; my “flight mode” way of dealing with things; catastrophic visualisation; guilt about not being enough for my kids& husband; fears about being “less” than I want to be;  the need to be “achieving” something. And I took some important things with me: bond with my son; skills and knowledge to deal with low moods; ability to catch “bad” thoughts and feelings before they grow; calmness; peace of mind; a little bit of myself again and the ability to prioritize myself and my needs.” Victoria


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